Blue Dream Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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Blue Dream Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
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Categories: Autoflower, Sativa

Introduction to Blue Dream Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

If you're looking to buy high-quality cannabis seeds online in the USA, look no further than our collection of Blue Dream Autoflower Cannabis Seeds. These premium seeds offer an easy and convenient way to cultivate your own compact and fragrant crops. With a sativa-dominant blend of powerful genetics, Blue Dream Autoflower delivers a burst of energetic euphoria and relaxation. Whether you're an experienced grower or just starting out, these feminized seeds are perfect for anyone looking for a hassle-free growing experience with a quality harvest.

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Key Characteristics of Blue Dream Autoflower

  • Feminized seeds for an all-female crop
  • No need to change light cycles
  • Compact plant structure
  • Fruity aromas with hints of spice and earth
  • Moderate THC levels for a balanced experience
  • Energetic euphoria and relaxation
  • Popular among medical users for various health conditions

Genetics and Origins of Blue Dream Autoflower

Blue Dream Autoflower is a sativa-dominant strain that comes from the famous Haze family. It's a blend of Blueberry and Haze genetics, which gives it its unique flavors and effects. These feminized seeds have been carefully bred to produce an all-female crop, so you can focus on growing without worrying about male plants.

Feminized Seed Advantages

By choosing feminized seeds like Blue Dream Autoflower, you ensure that all your plants will be females. This means you won't have to worry about removing any male plants that could potentially pollinate your females and reduce the quality and yield of your harvest. With feminized seeds, you can maximize your crop's potential and enjoy a bountiful harvest of high-quality buds.

Benefits of Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds, like Blue Dream Autoflower, are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor growers. Unlike photoperiodic strains, autoflowers do not depend on light cycles to transition from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase. This means you don't have to worry about adjusting your light schedule or waiting for specific seasons to grow. Autoflowers offer a shorter life cycle, allowing you to enjoy multiple harvests throughout the year.

Blue Dream Autoflower Seeds Germination Guide

  1. Dip a paper towel into a bowl of water and gently squeeze out excess fluid.
  2. Place the damp paper towel on a plate.
  3. Using tweezers, carefully place your Blue Dream Autoflower seeds on the damp towel, spacing them about an inch apart.
  4. Moisten another paper towel and cover the seeds.
  5. Create a dark environment by placing another plate on top of the setup.
  6. Check on the seeds daily and moisten the paper towels if they feel dry.
  7. Within 1-5 days, small white tap roots will emerge.

How to Cultivate Blue Dream Autoflower

Cultivating Blue Dream Autoflower seeds is relatively straightforward. These plants thrive in both soil and hydroponics, making them adaptable to different growing mediums. Provide your plants with 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness for optimal growth. Keep the temperature around 65-85°F and maintain moderate humidity levels. Avoid training or defoliating these crops, as they may not have enough time to recover before entering the flowering phase.

Blue Dream Autoflower Growing Difficulty

Blue Dream Autoflower seeds are suitable for growers of all experience levels. With their compact plant structure and straightforward cultivation requirements, even beginners can achieve a successful harvest. Just make sure to provide the ideal growing environment and protect your plants from common pests like spider mites.

Flowering Time of Blue Dream Autoflower

Blue Dream Autoflower has a predictable flowering time of 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest. Unlike photoperiodic strains, these autoflowers do not require a change in light cycles to initiate the flowering phase. This makes them a convenient choice for growers who want a quick turnaround and multiple harvests throughout the year.

Average Height of Blue Dream Autoflower

Blue Dream Autoflower plants have a compact and bushy foliage structure, reaching an average height of 3-4 feet. This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, as they can be easily managed in confined spaces or hidden among other plants outdoors.

Blue Dream Autoflower Crop Yield

When grown indoors, Blue Dream Autoflower cannabis plants can yield approximately 3-4 ounces per square meter. Outdoor plants can also produce a similar yield of 3-4 ounces per plant. To maximize your crop's yield, ensure they receive proper nutrients and water while maintaining the ideal growing conditions.

Quality of Blue Dream Autoflower Buds

The buds from Blue Dream Autoflower seeds are known for their high-quality and enticing aromas. They exude fruity scents with hints of berries and tropical fruits, making every toke a delightful experience. The flavors are a sugary treat, with hints of spice and earth that complement the berry notes. With moderate THC levels, these buds offer a balanced and enjoyable smoking experience.

Dominant Terpenes in Blue Dream Autoflower

Blue Dream Autoflower marijuana buds contain a variety of terpenes that contribute to their unique aroma and taste. Some of the dominant terpenes found in these buds include caryophyllene, humulene, linalool, limonene, and myrcene. Each terpene offers its own potential benefits, such as antioxidant properties, stress relief, anti-inflammatory effects, and relaxation.

Smell and Taste of Blue Dream Autoflower

The smell of Blue Dream Autoflower cannabis buds is a delightful fusion of fruity aromas with tropical scents and hints of spice. When crushed, the fragrance becomes even more intense. The taste profile is dominated by berry flavors with subtle undertones of spice. As you exhale, you'll experience notes of citrus, pinewood, berries, and earth. The sweet aftertaste lingers on your tastebuds, leaving you craving for more.

The Effects of Blue Dream Autoflower

Buds from Blue Dream Autoflower seeds deliver a sativa-dominant high with moderate THC levels ranging from 10-21%. The effects are similar to that of Super Silver Haze, providing a positive mindset, increased energy, and enhanced creativity. You'll feel uplifted and relaxed as calming sensations spread throughout your body, relieving tension in your muscles. Blue Dream Autoflower is a popular choice for both recreational users who want an uplifting and social experience and medical users seeking relief from various health conditions.

Medical Uses for Blue Dream Autoflower

Blue Dream Autoflower has gained popularity among medical cannabis users due to its reported benefits for various health conditions. With its moderate THC levels and diverse terpene profile, this strain is believed to assist with stress, anxiety, inflammation, pain, insomnia, fatigue, and depression.

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Customer Reviews

Exceptional quality. I've tried many strains, but this one is by far my favorite. The yield was tremendous, and the aroma is simply out of this world.

I had a 100% germination rate and the plants are doing really well. Very impressed with these seeds!

Dude, these seeds are pure fire! The plants grew like beasts and the buds are a literal dream. The high is a perfect balance of relaxation and euphoria, making it great for any occasion. You won't be disappointed.

Strain Data Table

CBD Content 0.4 percent
Climate Zones Mediterranean, Sunny
Difficulty Beginner
Dominant Terpenes Myrcene
Effects Energetic, Euphoric, Focused, Sedative, Uplifted
Flavors Berry, Earthy, Sweet, Tropical, Vanilla
Flowering Time 8–10 weeks
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Genetics Blueberry x Super Silver Haze x House Ruderalis
Grows Best Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
Indica / Sativa Mostly Sativa
Indoor Plant Height 28 inches
Indoor Yield 10-16 oz/m2
Moods Uplift
Outdoor Plant Height 28 inches
Outdoor Yield 14-18 oz/plant
Seed Sex Feminized
Symptoms Anxiety, Depression, Stress
THC Content 20 percent